2023-2024 Reflections Art Program

"I Am Hopeful Because..." Reflections Video


The Reflections Program is a National PTA and Virginia State PTA cultural arts
competition. The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for students to
use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works.
This program encourages students to explore an idea, centered around a theme in
visual arts, photography, dance choreography, film making, literature, or music
composition. Participation is organized by student age and grade levels. Student
works are critiqued against others in the same grade division. This allows recognition
and judging of artworks by appropriate developmental age and skill levels.
Your child doesn’t have to be a protégé of Monet to participate... Reflections is for everyone!


This year, fort hunt will only be participating in the visual arts category.

Do you love to paint, draw, or create?

If so, you should do the PTA Reflections Contest!

How to participate:
1. Read these guidelines: Visual Arts GuidelinesVisual Arts Guidelines en EspanolSpecial Artist GuidelinesVA PTA Reflections Official Guidelines, **Information Packet from PTA Education TeamInformation Packet from PTA Education Team (Spanish)**

2. Decide what type of artwork you want to create. Follow the theme, ‘I am hopeful

3. Create it!

4. Complete the entry form with a few sentences of what your artwork means. FHES Reflections Entry Form 2023FHES Reflections Entry Form 2023 *Spanish*

5. All entries and completed forms need to be submitted between Monday, November 13th and Wednesday, November 15th, 2023. We will have a table set up in the lobby that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to collect entries. Each entry will need an entry form, complete with an artist statement. These can be found on our PTA website listed above.


**All entries must be submitted digitally, in addition to being submitted to the front office at Fort Hunt**. This is the link to submit digitally via DropBox.

6. Hard copies of the entry forms will be located in the front office.


7. Celebrate your work at the Evening of the Arts (Date and time TBD).


8. Have your work displayed at Fort Hunt to enjoy! 



Last year's Visual Arts winners can be seen HERE! We could be posting your photos here in next year's registration info! 


Curious about the judging criteria? Check out the scoring sheet here!



Important Things to Keep in Mind:
- Please contact the 2023 Fort Hunt PTA Reflections Chair, Vicci Buchman if you have any
questions at vpeducation@forthuntpta.org and to learn more about the National PTA Reflections Program. Here is a quick video about the Reflections Program.

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