Tax Exempt Letter -- Please use this letter to purchase any items for PTA purposes without paying sales tax. Simply show it to the store clerk. Almost every store accepts it. Help us save more money for our school!


Deposit FormUse this form to send the Treasurer any PTA cash or checks that you receive.  The second page can be utilized to count cash and checks. This format makes it easier to count larger sums of money, and for a second person to check the totals.  The document is a fillable PDF.  It can be filled out by hand and submitted as a hardcopy, or scanned and emailed to Adrienne BargeDeposits are not supposed to be held by any PTA member.  The Virginia PTA recommends, via the audit process, that “PTA funds should never be taken home with you and should be deposited the same day they are received or the next business day.”   Please have event funds counted at the event, and coordinate a drop off in advance, if possible.  They can swing by Adrienne's house after the event, she can pick it up, or another board member can give it to her, if she is not there.  


Reimbursement/Check Request – Use this form to request reimbursement of funds paid out of pocket, or to request a check for a vendor.  These can also be submitted electronically, but we need copies of the receipts and invoices.  The document is a fillable PDF. Please have a Board Member sign the form, or forward an email approval to the Treasurer. If you would like a vendor to be paid directly, please allow four days advance notice, so that a check can be written, and an additional signature received, before sending to the vendor directly.


Cash Box Request – This form is used to request a cash box for a PTA event.  It is a fillable PDF. If at all possible, do not use your own cash to fund a box.  Empty cash boxes are at the Treasurer's house and in the PTA room. We need advance notice, preferably four days, when someone requires a box.  We will have someone check the amount withdrawn, and save the receipt.  If you have to withdrawal money yourself, you will need to show the withdrawal receipt to be reimbursed.


New Website Page Request Form - Please use this form when requesting a new page be added to our Website.



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